Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monkey Squad One #1. Pages 12 & 13.

Logan got robo-stomped.
Last week, my favorite panel was Logan getting punched in the face by a Destrobot. This week, as I re-read these pages, I realized I liked the whole Logan-gets-his-ass-whooped part of the action sequence. I remember in 09 when I was writing this, I wanted my nephews to understand that this comic wasn't gonna be some kinda pussy bullshit.
Sometimes they were gonna get their asses whooped.
You should see what happens to Logan in issue #8.
I got free copies. Or, you could get the whole run of Monkey Squad One for $10 from

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  1. Bruce Willis takes a lickin' in any of the good movies he did... it's what proper action heroes do... until they bounce back and kick up the vengeance!