Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monkey Squad One #8. Cover, P.I.P. & Page 1.

Issue 8, huh?

I'd say I can't believe it, but I say that at the start of EVERY issue! 
To be honest, at this point, posting issue 8 is pretty surreal. When I was posting the early stuff, issues 1-6, I felt pretty removed from the material because all that stuff feels like I made it SO long ago. But this issue is less than 24 months old. It seems like I just made it!

I really like this issue. It's a "middle" issue, the 2nd part of a 3 part story, and I think I knock it out of the park. I feel like it's stronger than #11, which is my most recent "middle" issue. While this issue has plenty of exposition & info dumping, it's still got a lot of fun moments & moves right along.

And the ending is super-fucked up.

The Secret Stuff is as follows:

On the cover is a gravestone with the names "Whitey Christmas" & "Nacho Christmas". Those were the names of 2 of the leads in a old comic I did in my parent's basement called, "Fuck Whitey". I may have talked about it before here but I got drug-related memory issues.

The flier on the telephone pole outside of Mississippi Nights has the names of some awesome folk singers:
Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Austin Lucas & my good buddy John Helm (a.k.a. Pizza Reggie).
If you're into folk music or rock or whatever, go to youtube  check all these guys out.

The line, "I awoke cold & alone. Surrounded by my own filth." is a variation of a phrase my old roommate Noah Zimmerman used to say. He's the same Noah that wore the headband in Real Life that Brendan wears here in MS1. There was also a "Noah" character in "Fuck Whitey" that was based on the same dude.

Fucking layers, man!


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