Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monkey Squad One #9. Cover, P.I.P. & Page 1.

Dude! Issue Nine!
This issue is, as it is said, "all gravy" in my opinion.
I did all the heavy lifting in #7 & #8 and this issue ended up being a ton of fun to make.

I finished this issue in April of 2012, about 6 months after I started this blog & a few months after I joined Twitter. Just to give you a frame of reference.

I remember having doubts about the cover image.
This was always my vision but I was worried that I was settling on my first idea, so I tried a bunch of different stuff before ending up back where I started.

I did the thing where I trusted my comic instincts!
It's one of my favorite MS1 covers!

We find out who's had super powers the whole time!

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