Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monkey Squad One #11! Cover, P.I.P. & Page 1.

Yay! Issue 11! 

This is one of my favorite covers of the series so far. I'd pretty much sworn off any kind of title design by this point and was happy to put the title of the book somewhere in the corner. It's something I'm sticking with for the time being.

I also like the girls' poses. That shit took me forever.

The Previously In... Page says something about getting MS1 issues at an etsy shop.

That shit is a lie.

The incident with A.U.N.T. & "Monkey Squad Two" that Isa's talking about is from way back in #7 (you can read that here).

Now, when I finished drawing the first few pages of this issue, I took them to my good friend Joe Metro's house to show him. His niece, Isabelle (who plays Senorita Isa in MS1), also took a look at the new pages, including the above page 1 that features her character.

She didn't look happy.

Later, Joe told me that she was disappointed that I was still drawing her like the 12 year old she was when I designed her character, not the 14 year old young woman she had become.

So I had to add boobies.

It was weird.

But panel 2 on page 1 is one of my favorite panels I've ever drawn!
Yay for me!



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