Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Monkey Squad One Annual #2 Preview!

 Coming soon from FatMan/littleboy Press!

It's the...

That's right, y'all! We're on the verge of launching our Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of Monkey Squad One Annual #2!

In the tradition of the original Monkey Squad One Annual #1, Annual #2 is comprised of several short stories meant to expand the depth of the MonkeyVerse!

Included in this issue is the dramatic conclusion to the Flying Burrito Brothers Adventure,
  Apples & Origins!

Not to mention the return of international hip-hop superstar, Trik-EZ!

Plus the return of Malcolm Bliss & the introduction of Professor Metropolis!

And lost adventures of Monkey Squad One!

Plus an All-Star Pin-Up Gallery with some of my favorite artists in comics!
The Monkey Squad One Annual #2 Kickstarter begins soon (I think it'll be next Monday!) There'll also be a chance to pick up MS1 t-shirts, stickers, back issues, original art & much more! Follow me on twitter for more information!

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