Sunday, April 13, 2014

Monkey Squad One #12. Pages 4 & 5.

Readers of the all-new Monkey Squad One Annual #2 know who Fake-Future Brendan's friend was!



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monkey Squad One #12. Pages 2 & 3.

I'd just like to point out on page 3 panel 2, where Connor slices the face/mouth of one of those giant Nazi dinosaurs.

It's fucking bad-ass to think that Connor single-handedly scaled the monstrosity and sliced it on it's
punk-ass face! He's fucking 12!

Next week:
Dr. Metropolis

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Monkey Squad One #12. Cover, P.I.P. & Page 1.

So, if you know me from twitter, last year when I was working on this issue, you may remember me always talking about, "Prepare Your Face for Monkey Squad One #12!"
Well, that shit still applies.
Prepare your fucking face, kiddo. This is about to get super serious.
Before you go, take a moment to give the last panel on Page 1 another look.
Next Week!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monkey Squad One #11. Page 20, "Apples & Origins Part 2" & Back Cover.

I fucking toiled for days over the ending of this issue.
See, that's Fake-Future Brendan from Fake-Future Earth coming through the Arch on the last page. Now, the last time we saw him was WAAAAAY back in MS1 #3 and as I was writing towards this final page I started to get more & more unsure. Most (easily 95%) of my readers started reading MS1 with Annual #1 and the Fake-Future Earth characters were from the first MS1 story, well before they started reading. How could Fake-Future Brendan's reappearance shock current readers if they didn't know he existed?
Well, for the most part it didn't.
But that's not really the part that matters.
What matters is, I told the story I felt I needed to tell, exactly the way I thought I should tell it. I also didn't spoon-feed my readers. This ending may have not affected every reader the way I would've hoped, but I know that for the readers that have been on board since the beginning, this scene was EPIC!
At least I thought it was bad-ass.
But the real shit pops off next week, when
For real, y'all, it's already too late. Everything is fucked up from here on out.
Thanks for reading!
P.S. My niece Olivia drew the back cover.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monkey Squad One #11. Pages 18 & 19.

So, I really jammed lot of info in that top panel as the end of the comic is barreling towards me.
Careful readers would notice that A.U.N.T. is connecting the Dark Monkey Matter Projector to Dr. Metropolis's work station (both which appeared back in MS1 #9). The very work station hat Dr. Metropolis used to turn the Arch into a giant electro-magnetic amplifier.
Clearly the, "Just like the man said" line is me letting you know that A.U.N.T. isn't working alone.
We're gonna find out who they're working with next week!!
The conclusion of MS1 #11!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monkey Squad One #11. Pages 16 & 17.

Long time readers may remember the Squid-Face Nazis from back in issue #4, when the boys traveled through the MonkeyVerse  (it was the same trip where they briefly visited All-Girl Earth).
If you haven't read MS1 #4 you'd probably still be able to figure out that Squid-Face Nazis are
bad news.
You may also remember that we've seen Death Cannons on several Earths within the MonkeyVerse. Including our own Earth in the hands of Dr. Metropolis & Fake-Future Brendan had one back in issue #2. How did they get in the hands of the Squid-Face Nazis?!?
If you've been paying attention, you totally could've put it all together.
Next week!
Dr. Metropolis & Logan Vs.  A.U.N.T.!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monkey Squad One #11. Pages 14 & 15.

Good thing that missile showed up because shit was getting awkward with all the baby-making talk.
Speaking of awkward, how about Connor kind of getting to 2nd base with Logana?
We find out who the bad-guys are!