Monday, January 26, 2015

Monkey Squad One Annual #2 Special Features!

Monkey Squad One Annual #2 was such a big project that I recruited the help of my best friend Joe Metro.  After I finished all of the artwork, Joe organized & ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. We were funded in less than 24 hours and ended up going $1000 over our goal!

The following Special Features are all things I drew that weren't for the issue itself.

Like that image above was the main promo issue for the campaign.

Below is the design for the first-ever Monkey Squad One t-shirt!

(Omega-Homie, Sean Fagan photoshopped the t-shirt mock-up below because I'm still awful at computers.)
Below is the Trik-EZ pic I drew when the Kickstarter campaign hit $1000 on Day 2.

The following are a few of the 11x17" commissions I did as Kickstarter rewards!

 Thanks for reading!

I'll be taking a few weeks off before posting MS1 #13!


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