Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monkey Squad One #6. Pages 12 & 13.

The whole Dr. Metropolis, "MY CITY?" bit is paraphrased from a Shade speech in James Robinson's Starman. It's one of Joe Metro (Real-Life Dr. Metropolis)'s favorite speeches in comics and he'll totally recite it to you if you're interested.

I threw that bit of speech in MS1 just for him.

Actually I write A LOT of Monkey Squad One for that dude. It's really cool if you like it too, but Joe's my audience. I like it when he likes it. If Joe laughs I know it's funny. Joe's the first person to read my new scripts and see penciled pages. He's the only person that knows where the story's going and the only opinion I (most of the time) listen to.

Joe's been behind me since the first page. It's a pleasure to write my good friend as the kind-of-villain-but-mostly-super-hero he was meant to be.

Every page is for him as much as it's for me.


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