Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monkey Squad One #11. Pages 16 & 17.

Long time readers may remember the Squid-Face Nazis from back in issue #4, when the boys traveled through the MonkeyVerse  (it was the same trip where they briefly visited All-Girl Earth).
If you haven't read MS1 #4 you'd probably still be able to figure out that Squid-Face Nazis are
bad news.
You may also remember that we've seen Death Cannons on several Earths within the MonkeyVerse. Including our own Earth in the hands of Dr. Metropolis & Fake-Future Brendan had one back in issue #2. How did they get in the hands of the Squid-Face Nazis?!?
If you've been paying attention, you totally could've put it all together.
Next week!
Dr. Metropolis & Logan Vs.  A.U.N.T.!

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