Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monkey Squad One #1. Cover/page 1.

Welcome to the MonkeyVerse! I'm Doug Michel and this is Monkey Squad One! Monkey Squad One is the all-ages, action-packed, super-hero mini-comic that I write and draw and put out as often as I can (about 3 times a year). When I say "put out" I mean print at Kinkos. It's a print comic. I give them away like crazy. But people need shit to be on the internet. It's unbelievably important. So, thanks to the power of Rock Icon Cletus Whiteheart, every Monday is now Monkey Squad Monday. We will post two (or more) pages of Monkey Squad One every Monday and you can read this while you poop at work. Oh, and there will be always insightful and often hilarious commentary about the pages and panels. And there will be cussing. It's an all ages book because my nieces and nephews are little kids and it's impolite in modern society to cuss in kids' comics, so I wont until they're old enough I can get away with it. But on this blog? Shit. Cussing is one of my strong suits and I need all the help I can get. Finally, if this is the first you've ever seen of Monkey Squad One, then to you faithful reader, I say: Hang in there. It gets way better. Go take a look at some current Monkey Squad One pages and panels by searching "doug michel" at or search "monkey squad one" at But, for real, you should just email me at and I'll send you some free issues. Seriously, the internet is stupid and totally over. See you next week.
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