Sunday, December 25, 2011

Monkey Squad One #2. Pages 2 & 3.

My niece, Madelyn, was 2 when I dubbed her character "Bad-Baby." By the time I was finished working on the 2nd issue, Maddy had turned 3. It seems turning 3 is a rite of passage from baby to   big-girl and she didn't appreciate being called a baby any longer.
So her character got a name change.
Page 3 introduces us to the character based on my beautiful wife, A.U.N.T. Brandy. Her costume is another example of my fear of drawing boobs. I didn't want my nephews getting little gross boners over drawings of their aunt. I didn't even want the thought crossing their minds. So, I put her in a potato sack with a belt. Problem solved.
Really, when I decided to make an A.U.N.T., I was totally beating a dead horse (which is one of my favorite kinds of comedy). After U.N.C.L.E. and S.I.S. I was just being obnoxious with A.U.N.T.
It worked out, though. A.U.N.T. has become a major player in the MonkeyVerse and next week we'll meet their heavy hitter Granmonster!
Mostly we'll talk about how I made every woman in my life a villain in my comic and what kind of fucked up dude that makes me.

Slay Bells Ring!

Merry Christmas!
I thought I'd give y'all a little Christmas bonus.
 The top panel is from Monkey Squad One #4. It's the only Christmas related art I have.
The 2nd panel is from the cover of Monkey Squad One #9!
The 3rd is from page 4 of MS1 #9!
 And the title of the post is from Cletus Whiteheart's Christmas cd that never was.
Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Or at least enjoy your day off.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monkey Squad One #2. Cover, P.I.P., Page 1.

After I finished the first issue, I was really geared-up about making comics. I finished issue 2 in about 8 weeks (it takes me 16 weeks these days). I completed this issue on Oct. 30, 2009. I remember this cuz  I dressed up as U.N.C.L.E. Doug for Halloween (that's where my profile pic came from) and brought copies of the issue to my family.
Real-life Connor and I really had a conversation about why his character didn't use guns. That dude fucking LOVES guns and I went and gave him swords. And I actually said some shit like, "I can't switch a character's weapons between issues, readers will be confused!" Like I had readers back then.
Real-Life Logan is kind of obsessed with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Really, he's obsessed with the jetpack-cheat. That dude wants the jetpack. That's where that joke comes from.
Next week we'll get into some action! We'll also meet the beautiful A.U.N.T. Brandy.
It's Real-Life Brandy's birthday today.
Happy Birthday, baby!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monkey Squad One #1. Pages 14, 15 &16.

Issue One is over?
It's a surprise to me as well.
"Ding-Ding Chicken Wing" is probably the funniest thing I will ever be a part of. It's messed up to have peaked so early on in my comic-making career.
When I finished this issue and brought it to my nephews and nieces, we all gathered around and I read the comic while all the kids followed along with their copies. They asked questions and laughed at the jokes they got. We've done this a total of nine times in the last 2 and a half years and it's the best reason in the world to spend all of my free time drawing this stuff.

Next week we get into Issue #2!
Granmonster, A.U.N.T. Brandy, Space-Flu and Time Travel in 16 pages.

And the art's a little better.
A little.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monkey Squad One #1. Pages 12 & 13.

Logan got robo-stomped.
Last week, my favorite panel was Logan getting punched in the face by a Destrobot. This week, as I re-read these pages, I realized I liked the whole Logan-gets-his-ass-whooped part of the action sequence. I remember in 09 when I was writing this, I wanted my nephews to understand that this comic wasn't gonna be some kinda pussy bullshit.
Sometimes they were gonna get their asses whooped.
You should see what happens to Logan in issue #8.
I got free copies. Or, you could get the whole run of Monkey Squad One for $10 from