Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monkey Squad One #6 Bonus Features!

Welcome to the Special Features for Issue #6!

This first batch of pages are the thumbnails/storyboards for the cover, Previously In... Page and Page 1.
They're all pretty much the same with some minor differences.
Most notably, I stopped using the fake comic company name, Part-Time Comics. I was starting to realize I didn't have to do the same old bullshit with my covers and dropped the logo in the upper left hand corner. Click here to compare these with the published pages.!

This next round of pages are just straight up thumbnails. This is pretty much the second draft of the issue. Back then I was pretty strict with myself about sticking to the script. What you see below is what ended up in the comic. These days, I'm much looser with the script and I write the dialogue as I draw the final page. Anyway, I've been asked about my process and here's some examples of how I get down.

The next page is a bit of an "alternate take" on pages 9 & 10. This was the original page 9, when MegaGranMonster pulls the arm off of Monkey Bot One. After I was finished, I felt the page lacked the drama that the moment called for. So I re-drew it and lengthened the scene by a page. You can see the final pages 9 & 10 here and here

Finally, I'm proud to present to you, the most special of all the special features...the cover to next month's Monkey Squad One #11!
If you haven't read #10 yet, BE WARNED, the cover contains spoilers!

How could I possibly top such an awesome post next Monday?




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