Sunday, December 30, 2012

Monkey Squad One Annual #1. Pages 13 & 14.

I already went on and on about how much I loved Who's Who & The Handbook Of The Marvel Universe a few posts back when I posted the bios for Monkey Squad One & U.N.C.L.E. Doug.

One of my goals when creating this issue was fully transforming the once villainous Monkey Squad Two (based on my adorable nieces) into heroes. Real Life Olivia & Maddy were getting older & wanted to be a bigger part of MS1. 

In current issues they get plenty of panel-time & will have a HUGE role in the second half of the series.

Page 8 features the 1st page of "Dark Monkey Matters" and as you can read, this story takes place between pages 7&8 of issue 3.
I explained the whole thing in a different Monkey Squad Monday, when I posted Issue 3 pages 7&8.
Thanks to the power of modern technology, I'll link you to it here.

NEXT WEEK: The Conclusion to "Dark Monkey Matters" and The Map To The MonkeyVerse!

Thanks for reading!

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