Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monkey Squad One #3. Pages 7 & 8.

Whoa! Hold up! If you are a Monkey Squad One fan and have a copy of 2011's Monkey Squad One Annual #1, go and get it before you read the next page!
(The rest of you should email me your mailing address and I'll send you a free copy.)
Okay, so, in the Annual is a story called "Dark Monkey Matters" that takes place between these two pages. Read it.
Pretty cool, huh?
Carry on...

The Justice Lords episodes of Justice League Unlimited WERE pretty awesome.

So, yeah, I always felt this part of the story was rushed. From MS1 meeting Kaz & CJ to to the new costumes and haircuts and weapons. So I added that story in the Annual to help bridge the gap.
Page 8 has the first of many Brendan-talks-to-Kaz-as-if-he-was-his-father jokes. It's a joke I drive into the ground.
Next week: Shit gets real!

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