Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monkey Squad One #7. Pages 12 & 13.

I remember that I drew page 12 while my wife & I were on vacation in Chicago.

I appreciate her understanding that I can't go on vacation without working on my comic.

"I'm going crazier than Bishop killing his friends in Juice!" is another line from a Real Life Trik EZ song. 

"SnickerSnack" is a sound-effect that I stole from Fables.
It's the sound Boy Blue's Vorpal Sword makes.

Brendan's views on Career Specific Zombies are those of my own.

But Zombie Biggie and 2pac?!?

You're welcome.

Trik-EZ shooting 2 rounds in the air after he was told TWICE to conserve ammo is one of my favorite moments in this issue.

It's exactly how that dude is in Real Life.


(with several stops)

thanks for reading!

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