Sunday, September 1, 2013

Monkey Squad One #9. Pages 7 & 8.

Any nerd worth their weight in Funyuns knows that Dr. Abraham Erskine developed the Super-Soldier Serum that transformed scrawny Steve Rogers into the Star-Spangled strongman, Captain America.

You knew that, right?

The last time we saw the boys' Future Weapons was when Monkey Force One stopped 7 Bricks Of Fury from stealing them back in Annual #1. But this is the first time the boys have used them since issue #6!

I was really, really ready to get the boys back into their superhero gear. It'd been 3 entire issues with my main characters in street clothes & I was eager to draw some superhero action.

I should mention that my Real Life nephew Connor hated his white-ninja costume because it made him look like he was naked.



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  1. Just surfing the net and found your site. Man, you're just cranking these pages out. Well done on the artwork, Doug! And the story is very interesting having just read pages 7 & 8!

    The story about Connor's white ninja costume made me laugh!

    Hey, I just discovered Team Stryker and noticed it in your blog buddies. That comic is so awesome! I'm helping Andrew with his site.

    I'll poke around then gotta get back to coloring page 15 of Wacky Monkeys.

    Wish you had Wordpress. Blogger is a bit confusing to me. Guess I'm just not used to it. But your comments section is a real chore, man. It might be hindering the comments you receive.

    Great art and story. Amazing output. You inspire me to be this productive!

    Check out my site when you get a chance: Keep 'em cranking!