Monday, October 14, 2013

Monkey Squad One #9. Pages 19, 20, 21 & Back Cover.

Yay! "Bloody Night, Bloody Knife" is OVER!

You know, for as much fun as this 3 issue story was to make, I don't miss drawing zombies at all.
But the experience was wholly satisfying. It was my first attempt at a 3 issue arc & I think I did pretty good. And the last page of the story where Trik rushes home to see his dad (who Trik was really worried about back in MS1 #7) is probably my favorite moment of the story-arc.

2 things:

1. The houses in the 1st panel (the 2 on the left) on pg 21 are the houses that me & Trik grew up in. They're the houses our parents still live in, next-door to each other.

2. All the songs on the back cover are titles to real Trik E.Z. songs!

Speaking of which, there's a new Trik E.Z. video for his song, "Sensational"!

And Trik E.Z. & Cletus Whiteheart will return in Monkey Squad One Annual #2!


The boys return to All-Girl Earth as "HollaHollaHolla" begins in Monkey Squad One #10!


MS1 #9 Special Features!

Thanks For Reading!

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