Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monkey Squad One #1. Pages 6 & 7.

These pages mark the first appearance of the Agents of S.I.S., played by my nieces Amanda, Olivia and Madelyn. Did we talk about how the characters in the comic are based on my nephews, nieces, friends and family? That's a thing. So, notice how the S.I.S. agent's costumes are all boxes with suspenders? That's because I was wicked scared to draw the Terrible Teenager's boobs. When I did this issue back in 2009, my niece Amanda was 16 or 17 and the thought of drawing her in a spandex-type super-villain outfit made me really uncomfortable. So, to avoid the whole issue I just gave the girls suspender-boxes. I'm pretty sure I avoided boobs of all varieties until issue 5.
Next week we'll formally meet Hell-Kitty and Bad-Girl and we'll see Logan kick some ass.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Eye of the tiger starts playing on that last panel. Totez.