Monday, July 2, 2012

Monkey Squad One #10! 4 page preview!

Return to All-Girl Earth!

I'm sure every single one of you remembers Monkey Squad One's journey through the Multiverse in Issue #4. During the adventure, the boys passed through an All-Girl Earth. Briefly. I'm talking one-panel brief. If you wanna look at that panel: clickity-clack.

Ever since I drew that panel of All-Girl Earth in early 2010, I knew the characters would HAVE to find a way back. It took a little while to figure out how to get them there but it turns out I'd given myself a precedent back in Issue #3. If you wanna look at that page: clickity-clack.

If you didn't know, in Monkey Squad One, EVERYTHING comes back around.

Monkey Squad One returns to All-Girl Earth in July 2012, for part 1 of the 3 part story "HollaHollaHolla" in Monkey Squad One #10!

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  1. Looks great! Congratulations on finishing another issue!