Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monkey Squad One Annual #1. Pages 3 & 4.

This story is essentially a prequel to the "Bloody Night, Bloody Knife" storyline that begins in MS1 #7.

It's got zombies in it.
 And rappers.

I'm keeping it brief, y'all!
It's that very special time that comes around every four months or so...

I'm printing an ALL-NEW issue of Monkey Squad One!

Monkey Squad One #11 drops on 11/27/12!
"HollaHollaHolla" continues as Dr. Metropolis and Logan battle Malcolm Bliss and his giant monster ant!
Plus, Brendan, Connor & U.N.C.L.E. Doug face off against the All-Girl Monkey Squad One!
Not to mention, the return of A.U.N.T.!

You wanna check it out? Hit me up on Twitter or email me at and I'll hook you up!

Who's Who & Where's Where!

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