Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monkey Squad One Annual #1. Pages 19 & 20.

This is some exciting shit!

So you've probably read Issues 5 & 6 and know that Monkey Bot One is still used by present-day Monkey Squad One. This story reveals that Monkey Bot One has been in use for years.

This story also features the first time we see the Hot-Rod Time Machine on this Earth.
We've seen the HRTM before in issue 4, but that one was from an alternate dimension & had artificial intelligence.

Current readers found out a little bit more about THIS Hot-Rod Time Machine in issue #9.

Hyper-observant readers might remember the 2 previous appearances of Donkey Daddy.
For everybody else, he can be spotted in issues 3 and 5 ( here & here).

Donkey Daddy's story essentially begins here in this story.
But it's FAR from over.

It might not be as obvious as I'd hoped but Senor Metro is Dr. Metropolis from 1995.
Senor Metro is listed as an alias of Dr. Metropolis on his character bio from a few posts back but I guess not everybody catches that.

Mixtapes were typically collections of songs recorded on primitive contraptions that held a ridiculously small amount of music.

Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine, J Church, Fifteen and Operation Ivy were some of my favorite bands in 1995.

I still listen to that stuff from time to time.

NEXT WEEK: More 90's action!

Thanks for reading!

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